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AuthXML is a vendor-neutral standard that enables integration of Web security, network security, B2B infrastructures and applications. AuthXML is named as such because it comprises 2 primary components: Authentication and Authorization. AuthXML is designed to ease integration of transactions between trading partner sites that may be using different security systems and within a given site that may be deploying multiple applications that need integrated security. AuthXML will enable:

  • Faster deployment for customers through standards based integration.
  • Interoperability between Web security vendors allowing for secure and simplified integrated commerce.
  • Simplified user experience through reduced sign-ons across Web networks.
  • More tightly integrated Web sites and applications based on non-proprietary integration.

AuthXML is intended to be a completely open standard for Web-based application security and inter-application integration. The standard defines a set of XML message formats, XML schemas and interaction models that web sites can use in order to provide seamless user experience and business transactions that span multiple parties and security domains across the Internet.

AuthXML is not owned by any one vendor. Instead, the standards proposal will be submitted to an appropriate open standards body to ensure that it remains an open industry standard in which any interested companies and organizations can participate.

The AuthXML 1.0 Specification is currently under development by Outlook Technologies, Securant Technologies and key contributors.


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